Hopscotch is delivering beer to licensed venues right now.
These customers have expressed what they want, great beer in top condition, consistent supply and accurate accounts.

Hopscotch supplies direct from the cool chain, no kegs sitting in the sun, no end of run almost expired bottles. Our kegs arrive at your venue cold and ready to plug and play, no waiting for your chiller to catch up.

If there is a problem we replace the beer and sort it out with the brewery.

We can offer a selection of beer never seen before in Auckland, international beers in bottle and keg, along with leading New Zealand brews.

Hopscotch has also helped some venues install draft systems; in the right situation keg beer brings more profit, less waste and greater selection for your customer.

As part of our mission: to bring better beer to Auckland, the Hopscotch retail store and website will also inform customers about the venues that provide choice.