Non pasteurised beer has more flavour, and is more reliable than bottled beer. The bottling process is also expensive and fiddly, so many great beers never get bottled. Drinking draft beer is the way to taste what the brewer intended.

Hopscotch has imported 1L German made flip top beer bottles, these are sturdy and hold pressure well. We will help you maintain your bottle with replacement rubber washers if you need them.

This beer can last for three to four days in the fridge, for longer term storage, brewery bottled products are more suitable.

Bottle Beers:

Our selection of bottles is under construction, it will be comprehensive.

All Grain Brewing Supplies:

In the future Hopscotch will stock hops and mill grain for you.

  • Liberty Brewing- Knife Party   7%

    Fat and juicy with all the goodness of this seasons American hops. Its a bit like C!tra, but drier, less jammy, and you can have a bit more.

  • Bach Brewing- Kingtide Pacific IPA   7%

    Pacific Rim hops- (Riwaka, Motueka, Amarillo, Chinook and Citra) provide a serious smash of fruity goodness for hop bud lovers. Very smooth, approachable IPA that has plenty of malt, but avoids getting jammy.

  • Kereru - Imperial Nibs Imperial Coconut Stout.   8.5%

    This delicious stout has subtle coconut and difficult to discern alcohol warmth, belying its large alcohol percentage. Great as a winter warmer or dessert drink.

  • Bach Brewing - Billfish APA   5.8%

    Billfish is brewed with a boat load of hops including NZ/Aotearoa’s Kohatu and Riwaka, Australian Galaxy, and US Citra and Zythos. Bursting with tropical fruit on a juicy malt base which lets the hops shine. Big flavour that hooks your taste buds.

  • North End- Become the Ocean Gose.   5%

    Traditional Gose, with coriander seeds and salt. It's salty, got a little wheat but still clean and delicious. Pretty awesome with the kai moana.

  • Weezle Dog - Wolverine Double IPA   9%

    Absolutely delicious double IPA brewed using Citra,Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin. The well balanced malt keeps the bitterness in check, but the Wolverine does have some bite.

  • Kereru - Feijoa Berliner Weisse   3.8%

    This excellent example of the German sour beer is enhanced by the addition of Feijoas. The fruit don't smack you round, rather they lurk in the background. So good.

  • Epic /Sparks Imperial Stout   9%

    This collaboration beer pours like dirty engine oil and clings to the glass with viscosity. Tastes like the absence of light, with a touch of Hawking Radiation.

  • Colab Brewing - Celebrator Weiss Beer Bock   7.5%

    Mahogany coloured with a great creamy beige head. Brewed with German heritage malt Barke, the aroma is bursting with raisin, chocolate, banana & cherry with a hint of molasses and dark malt.

  • Cassels - Sauvalanche double IPA   8.2%

    Lovers of Nelson Sauvin and octane units, will love this juicy, pungent fruit explosion – gooseberry, lime and tart green apples on a bed of freshly cut sensimilla.

  • Revolution Wine Co - Waipara Sauvignon Blanc   11%

    Revolution employed Waipara winemaker Theo Coles to produce this Sauvignon Blanc. Dry, acidic and minerally, it's a good summer option if you like your wine crisp and in the 1000ml format.

  • Hallertau Granny Smith Cider   5.1%

    Crunch. Clean. Crisp. Refreshing. Bite. Blue skies. Cut grass. Good times. Granny Smith would be rapt with this sublimely cider.

  • Weezledog - Mango Bombe Milkshake IPA   5.8%

    Hops, lactose and loads of mangos. You get plenty of fruit, a little sweetness, and a nice IPA bite at the end.

  • Sawmill - Belgian Strong Ale   8%

    You will not believe this beer is 8%, the Belgian Ale yeast has worked wonders producing complex farmhouse characteristics and super smooth alcohol.

  • Hallertau - Highway 16 American Wheat Beer   4.8%

    No funk in this American wheat, just clean easy drinking, hoppy yum for the sun.

  • Coaster - Easy Gose   3.1%

    Salt, coriander and Saaz Hops, fermented with Kolsh yeast, then given some biological bite with a secret blend of sour beer. It's so easy.

  • Brave - The People's Pils - Pilsner   4.8%

    The People's Pils is deliciously simple and brings together clean, crisp malts and a zesty, noble hop character. Fermented with a German lager yeast, this is proper old school crushable Pilsner, brewed for the people.

  • Rocky Knob - Undies Session IPA   2.5%

    Up there in the battle for low alcohol supremacy is Undies. Very refreshing and tasty, and great body for it's size.You could say the package expands to fulfil your needs..

  • The Laboratory - The Nutoriousn Fig- Hazelnut and Fig Stout   7.1%

    Brewed by The Laboratory, a small brewery close to Lincoln University, this is a full bodied stout with awesome sticky fig figness, and nice nutty nuttiness.

  • Altitude Brewing - Persistent High Hefeweizen   4.9%

    A very traditional take on the German Hefe, brewed using Wakatu hops. Plenty of old world yeast funk and a nice full wheat mouth feel.

  • Kainui Brewing - Blodsukker Saison   8.5%

    This is awesome and complex Saison, brewed on a Belgian Dark Ale malt base with a mixture of yeast from Norway (Hornidal kveik ) and Belgian Saison Dupont, fermented in wine barrels, (bringing a Brett sourness). Further complexity arrises when blackcurrents are added and allowed to condition. If you like things sour and multilayered, this is a rare opportunity to sample an amazing beer.

  • Little Owl - Vanilla Coffee Porter   6.6%

    Light and drinkable Porter, smooth with coffee and a smidgin of vanilla.

  • Eagle - Dry Hopped Pilsner   5.2%

    Stepping boldly into the new world, Eagle bring a bitter, clean and hoppy pils to the table. The Nelson Sauvin and Citra work together to bring the fruit salad to you beer bowl.

  • Mandrake - Misty Rocks APA   4%

    Misty Rocks is a recipe loosely based on Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a classic brewed with American Cascade Hops. The hop bill was increased, the whirlpool substituted for a hop stand, and the alcohol reduced.

  • Bayland's - Slackline Sour Mango and Guava   5%

    Nicely acidic and very drinkable sour from Bayland's in Petone. Mango and guava is there but fairly subtle.