Non pasteurised beer has more flavour, and is more reliable than bottled beer. The bottling process is also expensive and fiddly, so many great beers never get bottled. Drinking draft beer is the way to taste what the brewer intended.

Hopscotch has imported 1L German made flip top beer bottles, these are sturdy and hold pressure well. We will help you maintain your bottle with replacement rubber washers if you need them.

This beer can last for three to four days in the fridge, for longer term storage, brewery bottled products are more suitable.

Bottle Beers:

Our selection of bottles is under construction, it will be comprehensive.

All Grain Brewing Supplies:

In the future Hopscotch will stock hops and mill grain for you.

  • Black Sands Single hop Pilsener   5.5%

    Black Sands is fresh out of West Auckland. Their Motueka hop based Pils is super fresh and clean, in an old world kind of way..but a bit more punchy.

  • Garage Project Pernicious Weed   8%

    Big hop bomb of an I.P.A from the Garage. Nelson Sauvin and Organic Rakau hops coat your mouth in greasy hop resin and citrus notes. Well balanced with a warming and earthy malt background.

  • Liberty Brewing- Darkest Days Stout   6%

    An American style stout brewed with lots of chocolate malt and U.S Centennial Hops. On the nose you get the citrus from the hops first then the roasty malts. This is not a sweet stout, it's got a solid body but not chewy. You can watch Joe review this beer and burn his mouth out here...

  • Croucher Low Rider IPA   2.5%

    A great hop kick & low ABV gives you guilt free summer drinking. Interestingly the lack of confounding variables (alcohol) lets you notice the psychoactive action of the hops. This batch is even better than the last, reduced alcohol to 2.5%, but more body from the addition of oatmeal.

  • 8 Wired- Tall Poppy   7%

    Big robust hoppy red ale. Dripping in sticky rich red malts with a clean citrus hop follow through.

  • Cassels -American Pale Ale   5.4%

    Big, juicy American hopped ale from Christchurch. Loads of Citra, loads of malt. Loads of good drinking potential.

  • Moa- Imperial Stout   10.2%

    Aged in oak Pinot Noir barrels, this beer not only displays coffee and mocha characters but also some sweet and savory notes unique to Moa Imperial. This award winning Stout is seasonally produced and available for short periods each year. The 2016 edition has a higher level of Pinot notes than previous versions.

  • Tuatara Helles Lager   5.0%

    A classic Munich style lager, Tuatara Helles has a soft and lengthy maltiness, balanced with Hallertau hops. Delicious. Lager. Yep, it's alright to use those two words together again.

  • Epic Lupulingus   9%

    Bring on the big brother of the Zombie -- Lupulingus. Lupulins. Love making. Tentacles. No seriously, there are tentacles. Enjoy the resinous hop overload that is the newest double IPA from Epic, but enjoy in moderation, as Luke says -- There is no sense in being killed by a plant.

  • Behemoth - 'Murica APA   6%

    Have mellow cuddle from this fat American Pale Ale. It has a massive peach and pine nose, and a solid backbone of pale malts. Piles and piles of American hops give this beer incredible flavour. Another beer for hop heads... tastes like freedom and loose gun legislation YEE-HAW!!

  • Garage Project - Hops on Pointe 'Champagne Pilsner'   6.7%

    Beer and ballet - an unusual Pas de Deux. Brewed by Garage Project for the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Hops on Pointe teases the boundaries between split soles and gumboots. Brewed with premium German malts, Nelson Sauvin hops and finished with a champagne yeast, the result is a pale gold lager with a crisp, clean palate, rich tropical fruit aromas and tight champagne bubbles.

  • Epic - Thunder APA   5.8%

    Thunder is a delicious, big, juicy APA newly released in honour of Sten "Thor" Hansen, the Viking sales manager at Epic. Huge aromas of ripe mango and passionfruit! Delicious zesty bitterness as potent Mosaic resins coat your tongue... get in quick, this keg isn't going to last!

  • Coucher - Patriot Roasted Coconut   5.5%

    Croucher have roasted coconut and steeped it in their Cascadian Black Ale, this addition smooths the beer out and adds body , making it more akin to a delicious hoppy porter.

  • 8 Wired Brewing Co - Tropidelic - NZ Pale Ale   5.4%

    Richly tropical. Immensely tropidelicizing. Refreshing. Expand your olfaction to twisted new levels of hop saturation. This isn't the most incredible beer review I've ever written, but seriously, this NZ hopped pale ale is delicious and you just have to try it.

  • 8 Wired - Super Dank IPA   6.2%

    Dank, but not too Dank, this beer is an excellent addition to our line up of not too strong but very hoppy options. The greasy flowers dominate bringing tropical fruits and citrus, the malt base is pleasingly dry and balanced.

  • Thornbridge - Bear State WCIPA   7%

    Take the delicious malt base from Jaipour, make it more so, then slam plenty of American hops in there, and you get Thornbridge's Bear State IPA. It tastes a bit like a USA West Coast IPA, but has a characteristically English malt profile.

  • Good George - Rocky Road White Stout   5%

    A Beervana sensation, this pale ale looking thing actually hides chocolate, coffee, vanilla and berry flavours. You may exclaim WTF when your eyes and taste buds express diametrically opposed opinions.

  • Good George - Black Chocolate Stout   5%

    Partner beer to the trippy white rocky road stout, this version has a bit more bitterness and is blacker!

  • Liberty Brewing - Worldwide International Saison   5.5%

    Soft salty lemon with a smudge of banana on the nose, nicely funky and tart, finishes fairly sweet. Maybe a bit hoppier than expected, but restrained (for Liberty).

  • Funk Estate - Bad Mama Jama IIPA   8.3%

    Bad Mama Jama is a big 8.3% Double IPA with a smorgasbord of NZ hops. Rakau and Cascade are the dominant ones with stonefruit, pine combined with citrus and spice. If you like hops, you’ll be in to this.

  • Sparks - Splendour APA   5%

    Citrus, candied orange and grapefruit. Mango and peach swirl. Malt is light and delicate, with notes of hay and malted barley sugars. Most splendid!

  • Croucher - Volcanic Pale Ale   5.5%

    Not sure why it"s called APA when it's all about NZ hops. But there you go, it nice, hopfruity, and fun to imbibe.

  • Funk Estate - Sophisticuffs IPA   6%

    NZ hops coupled with a biscuity base malt bring you an easy going, moderately bitter IPA. Should be considered by pale ale drinkers as an option, as it is quite friendly.

  • Sunshine - Good Riddance Gose   5.5

    Tart, Fruity, Salty, and Refreshing. This has Grapefruit Zest, Himalayan Rock Salt and Nelson Sauvin Cone Hops added to the Boil, and Pink Grapefruit Juice in Ferment.

  • Cassels & Sons - Milk Stout   5.5%

    The beer that Christchurch based Cassels are best known for, as it is awesome. Not too sweet, nice easy going stout that has a clean crisp bitterness at the end.

  • Thornbridge - Huck Double IPA   7.4%

    This is a Double IPA brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo hops which perfectly complement each other to create a delicious flavour of citrus fruit with a hint of huckleberries.

  • Epic - Magic Dust IPA   6.9%

    Magic Dust is made by cryogenically removing the oils from Mosaic Hops to create LupuLN2™, essentially white hop hash.The resulting beer has is a rich copper colour with a wonderful hoppy aroma of passionfruit and citrus, the lupulin powder delivers a sticky guava flavour with medium bitterness and a hoppy aftertaste.

  • Epic - Rocket IPA   6.6%

    Epic's Hysteria IPAs are based on the Armageddon recipe with mostly changes to the hops . Rocket IPA focuses on a couple of the Armageddon hops, Centennial and Columbus. Luke has the feeling that he may have overdone the Columbus hops in this batch. You may not like the oily diesel characters this hop imparts.

  • Baylands - Petone Pale Ale   5%

    Petone Pale ale was the first beer created at Baylands new brewery in Petone. A combination of American hops and the finest New Zealand and British malts make this beer a true multi-cultural flavour experience.

  • Behemoth Grape Dank IPA   5.5%

    Behemoth's 2nd Fresh Hop Beer of 2017 "Grape Drank Fresh Hop Pale Ale" is made with Fresh Nelson Sauvin Hops and Hallertau Blanc hops from Germany. It is fruity and and smells like grapes!