Non pasteurised beer has more flavour, and is more reliable than bottled beer. The bottling process is also expensive and fiddly, so many great beers never get bottled. Drinking draft beer is the way to taste what the brewer intended.

Hopscotch has imported 1L German made flip top beer bottles, these are sturdy and hold pressure well. We will help you maintain your bottle with replacement rubber washers if you need them.

This beer can last for three to four days in the fridge, for longer term storage, brewery bottled products are more suitable.

Bottle Beers:

Our selection of bottles is under construction, it will be comprehensive.

All Grain Brewing Supplies:

In the future Hopscotch will stock hops and mill grain for you.

  • Epic- HOP ZOMBIE   8.5%

    This double IPA has some secret New Zealand hops and some secret U.S hops. Very little alcohol burn for it's percentage. Resinous but not overbearing, tropical fruit flavours and refreshingly mouth cleansing.

  • Garage Project- HapiDaze.   4.7%

    Hāpi is Te Reo Maori for hops, and four varieties of hops from Aoteoroa are combined in this bright pale ale to create intense-but-clean hop character. The delicious flavours of this beer betray the fact that it is merely 4.7%. Highly recommended.

  • Garage Project-Aro Noir   7.1%

    Hopscotch really likes high powered stouts, in the stable right now is Aro Noir. Its a big budget beer with some flash English malt, lots of roast malts and U.S hops (Chinook and bitter old Summit). This 2018 batch has a bit more viscosity than previous versions. It's as good as you would expect, not to mention deceptively darkly damaging.

  • Garage Project Pernicious Weed   8%

    Big hop bomb of an I.P.A from the Garage. Nelson Sauvin and Organic Rakau hops coat your mouth in greasy hop resin and citrus notes. Well balanced with a warming and earthy malt background.

  • Parrotdog-Bloodhound Red I.P.A   6.3%

    Big malts give a lovely red colour, but the main focus is hops, it's not very bitter, more floral and grassy.

  • Garage Project - Garagista "Finely Tuned IPA"   5.8%

    Brewed and double dry-hopped with NZ, Australian and US hop varieties. Great hop aroma and clean refreshing bitterness.

  • Texas Tea - Cactus Brown Ale   6.2%

    A spicy and bold Texas brown ale brewed with a heady dose of American hops Columbus,Simcoe, habanero chili and prickly pear.

  • Epic - Thunder APA   5.8%

    Thunder is a delicious, big, juicy APA newly released in honour of Sten "Thor" Hansen, the Viking sales manager at Epic. Huge aromas of ripe mango and passionfruit! Delicious zesty bitterness as potent Mosaic resins coat your tongue... get in quick, this keg isn't going to last!

  • Funk Estate - Super Afro-disiac   8%

    This is the last keg of the batch, aged for 6 months and the best double stout around for smoothness. Chocolate, vanilla pods, honey, figs and maca root for your aphrodisiac fix, it's big, it's black, get it in you.

  • Bach - Tailfin American IPA   6.5%

    Luscious American hops revel in delicious solution for your drinking pleasure. Soft bitterness, but balanced.. this is a go to for USA hop hunters.

  • Behemoth- Something Hoppy IPA   5.9%

    What's that you want to drink? Something hoppy, you say? Well, ask and you shall receive! With huge tropical fruit aromas on the nose and minimal lingering bitterness, this highly quaffable (and, conveniently, under the 6% weeknight rule!) IPA is exactly what it says it is. If something hoppy is what you want, just ask for Something Hoppy.

  • Garage Project - White Mischief Salted Peach Sour   2.9%

    Everybody knows that if you are a rabbit trying out Karma Sutra positions, you need a tasty beverage. This salted peach sour brings delicate flavours of fruit and sour, coupled with low alcohol and high smashability.

  • Sparks Brewing - Reverence Belgian Blonde Ale   6.4%

    Belgian Witbier yeast is left to play with light pilsner based malt and moderate hopping of NZ Motueka. Plenty of interesting phenolics abound, with a soft honeyed sweetness for backup.

  • Keruru - Yellowhead Session IPA   4.5%

    Yellowhead IPA is a sessionable India Pale Ale with bright, exuberantly aromatic, tropical New Zealand hops (including Nelson Sauvin, Moutere, Motueka, and Kahatu) balanced with full-bodied maltiness, perfect for your summer BBQ or your winter S&M Dungeon.

  • Hallertau - Heart Beet Krout Gose   4.5%

    Hallertau Brewery meet fermented food and probiotic experts Living Goodness to create a fascinating and tasty spin on the arcane Gose beer style. 60Ls of Beet Kraut juice (like sauerkraut but made with beetroot) was blended into the wort to give the beer it's signature salty and savoury component. Sour without being tart and pouring with a terrific purple pink hue. True Brosé!

  • Garage Project - Rose de la Vallee 2018   8.2%

    This beer/wine hybrid confounds expectations, but not your senses. (They will like it), a crisp pilsner base has Pinot Noir juice from Escarpment Winery added, it then rests on the grape skins to impart a pinky blush.

  • Baylands - Night Ryder Rye Stout   5.8%

    Lovely and drinkable rye stout from Baylands. The rye adds some bite and balances the tasty toasty malts.

  • Croucher Brewing - Choc-Drop Stout   5%

    Smooth and easy drinking chocolate stout from Croucher. Heavy on the chocolate but not too sweet or sticky.

  • Kereru - Big Pigeon Pilsner   5%

    Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops pop out of this crisp, dry pilsner. Medium bitterness, but fairly hoppy for the NZ Pils style.

  • New New New - United Colours of New APA   5.5%

    Clean and crisp, this is a satisfying Dunedin brewed, American hopped option in the moderate 5.5% range

  • Croucher - Avalanche I.P.A   5.5%

    This easy drinking but tasty IPA is brewed using Amarillo hops grown in Hallertau hop region. American hop grown in Germany, brewed in Rotorua...

  • New New New - Mr. Wow! Belgian Black IPA   6.8%

    If someone introduced themselves as Mr Wow you'd probably be a little apprehensive about how fascinating they actually are. Well, Mr WOW from New New New is pretty amazing. Japanese pop-art and Belgian brewing combine in this Belgian Black IPA with the perfect balance of toasted dark malts and American hops.

  • Epic - Beer Blanket Stout   6%

    What makes this stout a little bit special is the use of the Oats for the creamy texture, the Rye malt for a little bit of spice, and the heavy peated distillers malt for a hint of whiskey smoke. The name came from the idea of a soft, full bodied, slightly warming, luxurious beer. Satisfying and enveloping.

  • Garage Project - Unconditional Love IPA   7.5%

    Nudging into double IPA territory this deceptively easy drinking assassin is chock full of Equinox, Centennial and Citra hops.

  • Funk Estate - Cosmic Hustle Strawberry Yogurt Sour   5.8%

    This berry kettle sour has a touch of lactose that calms the sourness down a little bit. Dry and drinkable, you find the strawberries and think of yogurt...

  • Sparks - Mystical Experience Belgian IPA   7%

    Follow your spirit guide down a magical hybrid beer pathway to the Mystical Experience. A fusion of American IPA and Belgian Saison, with the Euro yeast character melded to the fruit of the Simcoe, Citra and Motueka hops. Two different Saison strains were used to dry out the beer and give it a strong citrus character, with a heady mix of yeast esters and phenols there’s no denying this is a Belgian beer.

  • Funk Estate - Lo-Fi Hazy IPA   7%

    Loaded up with Amarillo and Mosaic. Unfiltered, hazy and juicy as.

  • Colab Brewing - Celebrator Weiss Beer Bock   7.5%

    Mahogany coloured with a great creamy beige head. Brewed with German heritage malt Barke, the aroma is bursting with raisin, chocolate, banana & cherry with a hint of molasses and dark malt.

  • Urbanaut - El Segundo WCIPA   7.4%

    The West Coast IPA challenge is famous for producing iconic IPAs and El Segundo is no exception. An assertive hop forward IPA with a sensory explosion of US West Coast hops bursting with guava, mango and tropical fruit with a lingering bitterness.