Keg beer is unpasteurised and cool chained from the brewery, creates no waste in packaging and saves you money.

There is a minimum pour of 1000ml, will fill your own vessel or supply (10$ deposit) returnable glass bottles.

The Coaster and Mandrake beers are our own.

Hopscotch will keep this list current, all you need to do is rinse your bottle, and make some decisions... tasters are free!

  • Croucher Low Rider IPA   2.5%

    A great hop kick & low ABV gives you guilt free summer drinking. Interestingly the lack of confounding variables (alcohol) lets you notice the psychoactive action of the hops.

  • Liberty Halo Pilsner   5.5%

    Brewed with Pils ingredients, and lager yeast..and big heavy hop hands. One of the fattest, juiciest pilsners around, definitely a New World interpretation of the style.

  • Laughing Bones- Up your Kilt Scotch Ale   6.9%

    True to style fat malt daddy of a red ale, oozing juicy malts with very little bitterness.

  • Croucher - Volcanic Pale Ale   5.5%

    A really nice NZ hop focused pale ale, fruity, refreshing and fun to imbibe.

  • Kereru - Imperial Nibs Imperial Coconut Stout.   8.5%

    This delicious stout has subtle coconut and difficult to discern alcohol warmth, belying its large alcohol percentage. Great as a winter warmer or dessert drink.

  • Weezledog - Hopster NZ I.P.A   6.7%

    Nelson Sauvin is the ringleader in this dry and bitter NZ hop bomb. Lean but not flimsy on the malt, this beer pushes all the right buttons.

  • North End- Become the Ocean Gose.   5%

    Traditional Gose, with coriander seeds and salt. It's salty, got a little wheat but still clean and delicious. Pretty awesome with the kai moana.

  • Weezle Dog - Wolverine Double IPA   9%

    Absolutely delicious double IPA brewed using Citra,Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin. The well balanced malt keeps the bitterness in check, but the Wolverine does have some bite.

  • New New New Corporation - BB Lemon   4.6%

    A baby Belgian, a touch of clove with a juicy clean finish of NZ lemons & zest. This is a great session beer for all occasions.

  • Black Sands - American Pale Ale   5.8%

    New labels, new recipie. Take a new look at the Black Sands APA. Flasher hops, drier, better.

  • WeezleDog - Black Forest Gateau Milkshake Porter   5.8%

    A continuation of the already legendary "old school desserts" series, this one pours muddy brown and a bit creamy. Lactose, loads of cacao and a hint of cherries. Nice rich malt body helps to soften everything up and make it smooth. The bitterness has now softened up nicely, and it's tasting great.

  • Croucher - Fresh Out Of Vegas - Midnight Edition   5.5%

    Probably the last of the 2019 fresh hops, this black IPA is based on Moonride (previously Patriot) hopped with fresh Nelson Sauvin. Nicely balanced and a little more hoppy than the original, a really well made fresh hop.

  • Hallertau - Cherry Sour Ale   4.5%

    Based on Central Otago cherries, this sour has a nice fruit character and solid tannin bite to finish. It is however a kettle sour not a Belgian Lambic, so less acidic and not aged.

  • Hallertau - Red IPA   6.5%

    Similar to Hallertau's Ordained Red IPA, in that the hops and malt are more balanced than many red IPAs, which can tend to be a bit too sticky on the malt.

  • Mandrake - Beeries - Fruit Wheat Beer   3.8%

    Based on the same recipe as Mellons, but with Blue Berries not melon. Darker purple, with more tannin bite

  • Hallertau - Farmhouse Saison   6.5%

    Brewed with a genuine stinky farmhouse yeast from Europe, which provides smooth alcohol, and a funk load of farmhouse odour.

  • Sweat Shop Brew - Murican Brown Ale   6%

    Not very brown looking, more red, but tasted very brown, toasty warm malts and a nice USA hop bite.

  • Chaotic Hop - Cottage Fusion - Blackberry sour Berlinerweisse   3.9%

    This delicious colab with Riverhead Cottage brewing has the most berry colour we have ever seen. Banging levels of berry and fairly low acidity means it is very drinkable.

  • Coaster - Brown Ale   6%

    The first Coaster beer from our new brewery turned out bigger than expected, but that is fine with us. Hopped to Old World levels, the juicy, nutty brown malts sit smoothly with a slice hint of spice.

  • Black Sands - Stout   5.8%

    Medium bodied, with not quite American Stout hoppiness keeps things very tasty, but also approachable for traditional Stout aficionados.

  • Mandrake - Atomic Tsunami West Coast IXPA   6.3%

    This all Cascade and Chinook India Xtra Pale Ale is on a bit earlier than intended, so still retains the raw anger of a big Cascade dry hop. There is a touch of Kaffir lime left over from some Bru
    -Ju, coupled with Grapefruit from the Cascade and some pine and pineapple from the Chinook.

  • Croucher - Shredded West Coast IPA   6.5%

    Brewed for the 2019 West Coast Challenge. Loaded with US hops; Eureka, Comet & Amarillo - flavours of strong citrus, stone fruit, grapefruit rind & resin.

  • Co-Lab - Speak Easy XPA   4.75

    A crisp, clean malt base sets the tone for a combination of American hops that offer a refreshing hit of tropical, citrus and stone fruit aroma to take your breath away and replace it with fruit burps.

  • Thornbridge / Fork Brewcorp Co-Lab -Imperial Kipling - South Pacific Pale Ale   8%

    This rare and delicious keg brewed as a one off for Beervana is a double version of the "Kipling" pale ale brewed at Thornbridge, one of the first all Nelson Sauvin beers brewed in the U.K. Smooth and drinkable, banging with tropical fruit aroma, tasting of a combination of blood orange, pine and grapefruit which bound relentlessly across the tongue, harnessed by soft, sweet malt. The finish is fruitalicious with the frolicking tropical storm tempered with an assertive, yet restrained bitterness. Short and vibrant and balanced by the alcohol sweetness.

  • Kereru - Chocolate Cherry Porter   5.5.%

    This tasty porter is full of fruit and chocolate, but retains a delicate lightness and drinkability.

  • Urbanaut - Old Town Baltic Porter   9%

    No fancy soy latte adjuncts here, just a good, solid and remarkably smooth Baltic porter.

  • Duncans - Beach Party- Hazy IPA   6.2%

    A big, juicy, hazy, IPA. Brewed with mango, passion-fruit, pineapple, and a literal bucket load of Mosaic and Citra hops. Floral and fruity, juicy and jammy.