Keg beer is unpasteurised and cool chained from the brewery, creates no waste in packaging and saves you money.

There is a minimum pour of 1000ml, will fill your own vessel or supply (10$ deposit) returnable glass bottles.

The Coaster and Mandrake beers are our own.

Hopscotch will keep this list current, all you need to do is rinse your bottle, and make some decisions... tasters are free!

  • Black Sands Single hop Pilsener   5.2%

    Black Sands is fresh out of West Auckland. Their Motueka hop based Pils is super fresh and clean, in an old world kind of way..but a bit more punchy.

  • Croucher - Ultra IPA   7%

    Trans Pacific hopping and a big malt bill equals a massive IPA. The Aussie hop Galaxy has been swapped out for the less nasal Ella, plus more Simcoe brings balance - a truly intercontinental experience.

  • Croucher - Volcanic Pale Ale   5.5%

    A really nice NZ hop focused pale ale, fruity, refreshing and fun to imbibe.

  • Baylands - Slackline Sour   4%

    The most smashable beer around this kettle soured fruit gose. Beautifully balanced with Himalayan pink sea salt and boysenberries. Dry, light and refreshing.

  • Weezle Dog - Wolverine Double IPA   9%

    Absolutely delicious double IPA brewed using Citra,Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin. The well balanced malt keeps the bitterness in check, but the Wolverine does have some bite.

  • Mandrake - Dick Move- Choc-Bhut Jolokia- Oatmeal Stout   6 %

    Take a really nice oatmeal chocolate stout, add just enough Bhut Jolokia chillies to make it pleasantly warm, then double this amount. (10g/L) Chucking this much chilly into a beer is a dick move. Hope you love/hate it.

  • Bach Brewing -Velvet Marley -Chocolate Raspberry Cherry Stout   6.6%

    Velvet Marley is brewed with rich and dark malts and South American Cacao, plus plenty of cherries and raspberries. Imagine that.

  • Urbanaut- Copacabana Brut IPA   7.1%

    This style became popular in California in 2017, fermented out to higher level than most ales. Dry, crisp and delicious.

  • Boneface - The Juice Dry Hopped Gose   4.5%

    The juice is a German-style sour wheat ale, brewed with salt. We sour it in the kettle then ferment it with a clean yeast. Our version is a bit different to the originals as we dry hop it in the fermenter to give it another dimension of flavour. This is a clean tart ale with some lemon and lime flavours.

  • Bone Face - Number of the Beast- Coffee Vanilla Imperial Stout   9.99

    Smooth talking and deceptive, this is a stout you do not want to make deals with on cross roads. Kegs of potent darkness seep into souls, so be quick.

  • Boneface -The Darkness India Stout   5.8%

    A hoppy stout, with some bitterness. Good option if you like hops and dark malts.

  • Hallertau - Nocterne Double Stout 2022   8.8%


  • Bach - Planet Nectaron NZ Hazy IPA   6.3%

    Brewed for the Smiths NZ IPA Challenge, an intergalactic voyage into the flavours of NZ best new hop NECTARON. Pretty delicious for a hazy.

  • Mandrake -ManDate -Date Stout   7%

    Irish Dry stout with brewed with dates.

  • Urbanaut -Verona Hazy IPA   5.9%

    Amarillo and Simcoe hops bring luscious tropical fruit salad flavours to this great hazy beer.

  • Paynter's - The Alchemist Dry Cider   5.7%

    Bigger and bolder on the apple quotient than most ciders, this is dry end of med dry.

  • Bach Brewing- Ocean Pacific NEIPA   5.8%

    Ocean Pacific is brewed with Hororato’s Gladfield malts and hops from both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Bach Brewing- Throbbing Grist WCIPA   6.6 %

    Clean and hoppy WCIP with moderate bitterness. Brewed using American grown Amarillo, Citra, Idaho-7 and Talus.