Keg beer is unpasteurised and cool chained from the brewery, creates no waste in packaging and saves you money.

There is a minimum pour of 1000ml, will fill your own vessel or supply (10$ deposit) returnable glass bottles.

The Coaster and Mandrake beers are our own.

Hopscotch will keep this list current, all you need to do is rinse your bottle, and make some decisions... tasters are free!

  • Black Sands Single hop Pilsener   5.2%

    Black Sands is fresh out of West Auckland. Their Motueka hop based Pils is super fresh and clean, in an old world kind of way..but a bit more punchy.

  • Weezle Dog - Wolverine Double IPA   9%

    Absolutely delicious double IPA brewed using Citra,Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin. The well balanced malt keeps the bitterness in check, but the Wolverine does have some bite.

  • Mandrake - Dick Move- Choc-Bhut Jolokia- Oatmeal Stout   6 %

    Take a really nice oatmeal chocolate stout, add just enough Bhut Jolokia chillies to make it pleasantly warm, then double this amount. (10g/L) Chucking this much chilly into a beer is a dick move. Hope you like/hate it.

  • Hallertau - Lemon Curd Sour Ale   6.6.%

    Layers of lemon, vanilla, cream and a big zesty finish leaves you wanting more. A kettle sour made with lemons from the neighbour's orchard just down the road from the brewery.

  • Boneface - 'The Unit' NZ IPA   6%

    The unit is our version of NZ Hopped I.P.A. With hints of grapefruit, passion-fruit & spicy citrus, backed up with those hop aromas only found in Aotearoa, it seems a lot for one beer, but it ain't called The Unit for nothing!

  • Hallertau Granny Smith Cider   5.1%

    Crunch. Clean. Crisp. Refreshing. Bite. Blue skies. Cut grass. Good times. Granny Smith would be rapt with this sublimely cider.

  • Bayland's - Slackline Sour Mango and Guava   5%

    Nicely acidic and very drinkable sour from Bayland's in Petone. Mango and guava is there but fairly subtle.

  • Colab Brewing- Commissioner Red IPA   5.5%

    A new world collaboration of German Malt and US aroma hops give a rich, red, malt driven West Coast styled Red IPA.

  • Urbanaut - Newtown Hazy Pale Ale   4.8%

    This beer has a full, tropical palate with fresh fruit aromas and a crisp juiciness that will keep you refreshed from the bar to the house party.

  • Colab Brewing - APA   5.5%

    True to style American hopped APA. Clean and drinkable, excellent table beer.

  • Duncan's - Oat Cream Hazy IPA   7%

    Super juicy, and very hazy from the oat cream. But, still has a nice clean bitterness.

  • Morningcider- Classic Apple Cider   5%

    Locally produced straight cider. Medium dry.

  • Urbanaut- West End Stout   6%

    Dry and drinkable, no oats so not chewy. Very nice.

  • Black Sands - Latest Squeeze Hazy Mango IPA   6.6%

    A Hazy IPA filled to the brim with real mangoes and liberally hopped with Amarillo, Zythos and Centennial.So much mango you get chunks in the glass. Keeping it real with no fake stuff.

  • Urbanaut-Ghost Town Sativa IPA   5.8%

    The second batch of this beer using a new hop variety,still has robust bitterness, but is not as ruthless as the first. All round its a great, dry and tasty IPA in a nice alcohol range.

  • Urbanaut-Belgian Hazy IPA   6%

    Using a Belgian ale yeast in a hazy brings out new fruity esters to go with the hops fruityness. Its a smooth one that drinks like a 5% Belgian ale.

  • Duncans - Chocolate Ripple with Pineapple Sour.   7%

    A rare and delicious mouthful for sour lovers, also intense, boozy and expensive.

  • Bach Brewing- Primal Dream Unfiltered WCIPA   6%

    Clean and crisp with no filtering to remove the hop haze. Laden with Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra and Zythos hops with a decent malt backbone and an assertive bitterness.

  • Volstead- Single Hop Nectaron Hazy IPA   6.3%

    All the Volstead single hop beers seem to be bang on, as is this one. NZ's coolest hop gets to drift up your nostrils and down ya gullet. Delicious.

  • Volstead -Lupulin Block   6.5%

    Lupulin Block because of the Sultana Lupulin hops were so full of hop resins and aromatic oils that the hops formed a solid block. Chinook hops were added to turn this beer into a big and bold West Coast IPA.

  • Bayland's- Hoptimum Overdrive.   5.8%

    This is super summer option, being light, tasty and wet. Brewed with US Idaho7, Citra & Sabro hops.

  • Urbanaut - Mosaic Double Hazy IPA   7.3

    Soft, juicy and dripping with aromatic Mosaic hops.

  • Duncan's - Key Lime Pie Ice cream Sour   5%

    A bit like the bigger ice cream sours but way more drinkable, this is one would love a trip to the beach and to get in your belly.