Non pasteurised beer has more flavour, and is more reliable than bottled beer. The bottling process is also expensive and fiddly, so many great beers never get bottled. Drinking draft beer is the way to taste what the brewer intended.

Hopscotch has imported 1L German made flip top beer bottles, these are sturdy and hold pressure well. We will help you maintain your bottle with replacement rubber washers if you need them.

This beer can last for three to four days in the fridge, for longer term storage, brewery bottled products are more suitable.

Bottle Beers:

Our selection of bottles is under construction, it will be comprehensive.

All Grain Brewing Supplies:

In the future Hopscotch will stock hops and mill grain for you.

  • Black Sands Single hop Pilsener   5.5%

    Black Sands is fresh out of West Auckland. Their Motueka hop based Pils is super fresh and clean, in an old world kind of way..but a bit more punchy.

  • Garage Project- HapiDaze.   4.7%

    Hāpi is Te Reo Maori for hops, and four varieties of hops from Aoteoroa are combined in this bright pale ale to create intense-but-clean hop character. The delicious flavours of this beer betray the fact that it is merely 4.7%. Highly recommended.

  • Liberty Brewing- C!tra   9%

    One of Joe's biggest and baddest, this imperial IPA is stuffed with American hoppy goodness, which is backed up with juicy chewy malts. The excellent balance between these forces gives your tastebuds room for a good spanking.

  • Liberty Brewing- Knife Party   7%

    Fat and juicy with all the goodness of this seasons American hops. Its a bit like C!tra, but drier, less jammy, and you can have a bit more.

  • Croucher Low Rider IPA   2.5%

    A great hop kick & low ABV gives you guilt free summer drinking. Interestingly the lack of confounding variables (alcohol) lets you notice the psychoactive action of the hops. This batch is even better than the last, reduced alcohol to 2.5%, but more body from the addition of oatmeal.

  • 8 Wired- Tall Poppy   7%

    Big robust hoppy red ale. Dripping in sticky rich red malts with a clean citrus hop follow through.

  • Moa- Imperial Stout   10.2%

    Aged in oak Pinot Noir barrels, this beer not only displays coffee and mocha characters but also some sweet and savory notes unique to Moa Imperial. This award winning Stout is seasonally produced and available for short periods each year. The 2016 edition has a higher level of Pinot notes than previous versions.

  • Tuatara Helles Lager   5.0%

    A classic Munich style lager, Tuatara Helles has a soft and lengthy maltiness, balanced with Hallertau hops. Delicious. Lager. Yep, it's alright to use those two words together again.

  • Garage Project - Death From Above   7.5%

    Indochine Pale Ale- American hops (Citra,Amarillo,Centennial) Vietnamese mint, lime and chilly. Bitter-sweet, heat and citrus, very complex and rare in the keg.

  • Garage Project- Venusian Pale Ale   7.5%

    Our first beer brewed on Venus*,it's hoppy, with additional spice from toasted corriander, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and grapefruit peel. Its a very floral party on your mouth, with added ashes of genocide.
    (*An alternative reality Venus with breathable atmosphere, colonised and ethnically cleansed by gung-ho Victorian Atomo-punk anti hero Lord Cockswain)

  • Behemoth- Chur Pale Ale   5.5%

    New Zealand hops get zingy in mouth in this easy going pale ale, not very bitter, definitely designed for sessions with friends. May contain traces of Beer Giraffe.

  • Sparks Brewing - Outlander Extra Stout   6.2%

    A dark and intensely roasty ale, with strong aromas of chocolate and coffee. The rich body is balanced with all New Zealand hops added late in the boil and a good layering of crystal malt leaves a hint of liquorice and an almost rum like quality to the finish.

  • Kereru Brewing-'For Great Justice' Wood Fired Coconut Porter   4.5%

    Super satisfying Porter, plenty of body for it's weight, with a well proportioned amount of smoky toasty Coconutiness.

  • Behemoth- In Your Face Double IPA   9%

    This is the beer that burnt the Behemoth,the first batch boiled up up all over two men, bringing some nasty double I.P.Ain, and skin grafts.
    The good news is both brewers have recovered , and the beer is its an awesomely big, greasy, hoppy beer that you will enjoy if your into that sort of thing.

  • Garage Project - Hops on Pointe 'Champagne Pilsner'   6.7%

    Beer and ballet - an unusual Pas de Deux. Brewed by Garage Project for the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Hops on Pointe teases the boundaries between split soles and gumboots. Brewed with premium German malts, Nelson Sauvin hops and finished with a champagne yeast, the result is a pale gold lager with a crisp, clean palate, rich tropical fruit aromas and tight champagne bubbles.

  • Sunshine Brewery - Good Riddance Gose   5.5%

    Tart, Fruity, Salty, and Refreshing. This has Grapefruit Zest, Himalayan Rock Salt and Nelson Sauvin Cone Hops added to the Boil, and Pink Grapefruit Juice in Ferment.

  • Cassels & Sons - Milk Stout   5.5%

    The beer that Christchurch based Cassels are best known for, as it is awesome. Not too sweet, nice easy going stout that has a clean crisp bitterness at the end.

  • Kereru - Moonless Stout   4.5%

    This sessionable straight stout has plenty of roasts malts and nice balance. If your looking for a stout with out chocolate, chilly or seaweed give it a go.

  • Behemoth - Hop Buddies IPA Waimea and Wakatu   6.3%

    Part of series of IPAs to showcase how different hop varieties work together, this hop buddie uses 2 little known NZ hops that are punchy and full of character. Waimea and Wakatu (formally NZ Hallertau). And great buddies these 2 are!

  • Black Sands - Pacific Red Ale   5%

    An accidental double up on the dry hopping created this serendipitous red ale. The upfront bitterness pairs well with the red malt base, giving a very satisfying 5% winter ale option.

  • Double Vision - Magic Bean Stout   5.8%

    This Irish Coffee Stout with Flight Dark Roast Coffee, Cacao and Vanilla Bean (brought together as a Manuka Smoked Thomson 'White Whisky' tincture). Designed with enough flavour for Giants, it is sure to warm you up for the chilly winter nights.

  • Brew Moon - Hophead IPA   5%

    This session IPA makes you realise what a great thing a 5% version can be. Big nose from plenty of NZ hops, and nice clean bitterness, awesome rugby watching beer.

  • Pirate Life - Stout   7.1%

    A smooth Stout brewed with Oats, Black and Chocolate malts, EKG, Fuggles and Columbus hops, Pirate Life Stout is perfect for the cooler months. The malts take centre stage with a cacophony of coffee, chocolate and sticky date pudding and a rich creamy mouthfeel thanks to the oats. Columbus smacks the palate with a healthy dose of bitterness while late additions of EKG and Fuggles lend a gentle, earthy spiciness to the beer.

  • Moa - North Pacific WCIPA   6.4%

    Brewed for the 2013 annual Malthouse IPA Challenge, this is a big hoppy West Coast American Pale Ale. With the typical Moa malt balance, and the addition of late hops to give big punchy aromatics, Moa North Pacific is a big beer best drunk fresh and young.

  • Sunshine Brewery - Young Nick's Pale Ale   5%

    Great tropical fruit aromas and flavours balanced by just the right amount of biscuity malt base make this medium bodied beer immortal drinking every day.

  • Sunshine Brewery - Czar Bomb Russian Imperial Stout.   9.6%

    As dark as a black hole and with a rich and complex aroma even more difficult to explain, Czar Bomb explodes on your palate with an intense richness full of complex roasted malt, fruit, alcohol and coffee nuances. This beer has won a gold medal every year for the last three years.

  • Behemoth - No Sleep till Moutere Hazy IPA   6.7%

    Behemoth's second hazy IPA is all NZ hopped this time round. Plenty of NilZilid in this one, green fresh tasty hops all over your mouth.

  • Epic Hop Harvester   6.5%

    2017 hop harvest IPA brewed using Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka hops. Dank oily diesel notes and plenty of bite. Winner of the 2017 Smiths NZIPA Challenge.

  • Moa -Blackhops Black IPA   5.8%

    Much like a typical IPA, Moa's take on this style has huge tropical hop aromatics, but with a blend of dark roasted malts that add another layer of complexity. Displaying mocha and roasted coffee aromas with a noticeable savoury bitterness, the late hopping with Simcoe and Cascade hops give it an extra aromatic hit.

  • Liberty Brewing - Fiddy Bag American Pale Ale   5.5%

    The name of this beer may be a cannabis reference, it is very herbaceous. American hops abound in this very tasty pale ale.