Keg beer is unpasteurised and cool chained from the brewery, creates no waste in packaging and saves you money.

There is a minimum pour of 1000ml, will fill your own vessel or supply (10$ deposit) returnable glass bottles.

The Coaster and Mandrake beers are our own.

Hopscotch will keep this list current, all you need to do is rinse your bottle, and make some decisions... tasters are free!

  • Croucher Enduro Pale Ale   5%

    A delicious pale ale based on New Zealand grown Cascade hops, this has a large malt presence and is another top seller at Hopscotch. Big malts, balance, session-able.

  • Croucher Low Rider IPA   2.5%

    A great hop kick & low ABV gives you guilt free summer drinking. Interestingly the lack of confounding variables (alcohol) lets you notice the psychoactive action of the hops.

  • Bach Brewing- Dusk Rider Red IPA   6.5%

    Not the fattest red IPA around malt wise, but pretty large on the American piney hops and bitterness. Very clean and crisp.

  • Weezledog - Hop Vegas American IPA   6.7%

    Weezledog's American version of its award winning Hopster IPA. Brewed with a simpler malt base, it has the typical bitterness of the West Coast American IPA’s combined with the big pine and candied citrus to take over. Clean, crisp, hoppy and pale.

  • Colab - New Squeeze ECIPA   6%

    A nose full of tropical fruit straight out of the gate. This 'new squeeze' is not afraid to make itself known. The hazy nature lures you in with intrigue and leaves you with a beautiful mouth feel and a palate full of tropical fruit and citrus. This Juicy really lives up to its name and blurs the line of traditional beer. Get Juicy with your New Squeeze.

  • Sawmill - XPA   4.9%

    This is an extra delicious, extra pale ale. Light and crisp, smooth and refreshing. Summer beer wise, it is all over it.

  • Coaster/Mandrake - Brett From Russian River   6%

    This brown ale is the first spawn from our extensive sour program. It is sour, dry, woody. On the Biohazard tap on request.

  • Black Sands - Hazy IPA   6.2%

    Juicy fruity on the hops, relatively dry, a littler bitter for the style. I like it, but I like bitter.

  • Boneface -The Darkness India Stout   5.8%

    A hoppy stout, with some bitterness. Good option if you like hops and dark malts.

  • Weezledog -Hoppiness XPA   5.9%

    A pale ale with so much more. Extra pale due to the use of pilsner and wheat malts in the grist, and a low pH from the use of acid malt allows the Southern Cross and Wai iti hops to really shine through. Full of flavour but still seriously sessionable.

  • Mandrake - Session Hazy BruJu   5.3%

    Brewed for a a beer festival smasher but not ready on time. Just over 5% and dry, hopped with Citra and Chinook and a touch of Kaffir Lime .

  • Croucher - Mango Cider   5%

    More apples than Mangos, clean with the slight mango hint at the end.

  • Baylands-Debris Debris Debris Raspberry Milkshake IPA   6%

    Great example of a style plenty think is wrong.Berries front and centre, soft bitterness, very easy to drink.

  • Croucher - Paddles Up Hoppy Porter   4.8%

    Hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo and Sultana, this dark beer isn't chewy at all. It's a super refreshing, toasty, with some coffee notes.

  • 8 Wired -Mandarin Hippy Berliner   4.5%

    Citrus, hops and sourness all work together to bring a great refreshing version of the Berliner Weisse.

  • Croucher - Joy Ride WCIPA   6.8%

    Another banging beer from Rotorua. Riwaka, Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Centennial hops and a medium dry base malt .

  • weezledog - Cohoperation XPA   5%

    Pale ale brewed with Pilsner malt, crisp and dry with nice Nelson Sauvin hop characters.

  • Colab Brewing - APA   5.5%

    True to style American hopped APA. Clean and drinkable, excellent table beer.

  • Three Boys - Passionfruit Gose   3.9%

    Dry and refreshing. This beer is great as a table beer or summer BBQ smasher.

  • Duncan's - Oat Cream Hazy Ale   6.3%

    Super juicy, and very hazy from the oat cream. But, still has a nice clean bitterness.

  • Urbanaut- Miami Twice Imperial Lager   8%

    This double version of Miami Brut Lager is hopped like a double IPA but brewed with a lager yeast.