Keg beer is unpasteurised and cool chained from the brewery, creates no waste in packaging and saves you money.

There is a minimum pour of 1000ml, will fill your own vessel or supply (10$ deposit) returnable glass bottles.

The Coaster and Mandrake beers are our own.

Hopscotch will keep this list current, all you need to do is rinse your bottle, and make some decisions... tasters are free!

  • Kereru - Resonator IPA   6.5%

    Resonator IPA is a pale golden India Pale Ale, Double Dry Hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Motueka , with brings notes of aromatic resin & passion fruit.

  • Black Sands - Pacific Pale Ale   5%

    A refreshing easy to drink pale ale with a rich sweet malt taste this is perfectly offset by the hoppy bitterness of the NZ grown hops. A really solid 5% option that doesn't disappoint.

  • Behemoth - Dump the Trump American IPA   7.2%

    Brewed by a man bun Communist using Liberal's Tears and American Hops. Filtered through Hillary Clinton's underwear, this is the beer if you hate freedom, and love soy lattes.

  • Urbanaut - Williamsburg IPA   7.2

    Showcasing the malts from Canterbury New Zealand, balanced with heady aromatic NZ hops. Big, bold, proud. A fresh hop aroma with cut grass and citrus. Left with a clean dry finish from an ale yeast that’s fully feasted, leaving an estery note.

  • Black Sands - Hazy IPA   6.2%

    Juicy fruity on the hops, relatively dry, a littler bitter for the style. I like it, but I like bitter.

  • Urbanaut - Newtown Hazy Pale Ale   4.8%

    This beer has a full, tropical palate with fresh fruit aromas and a crisp juiciness that will keep you refreshed from the bar to the house party.

  • Black Sands - Go West My Friend WCIPA   6.5%

    Classic old school WCIPA. Bigs hops, no haze, solid bitterness and an all star lineup of citrus and pine dominant hops from the USA and New Zealand.

  • Bach Brewing - Stone Age Nomad Hazy IPA   6.7%

    Super floral and not too thick, this hazy IPA has the hops and drinkability you need this summer.

  • Phat House Brewing- Phat Ale   5.2%

    Bit of an old school style of NZ pale ale with friendly hopping and a wafting pillow of malt.

  • Phat House -Phat Heph the Hefeweizen   4.7%

    A rare beer that people miss, probably a problem for breweries due to Hefeweizen yeast being so angry and hard to keep out of other styles. Anyway this one has all those fruity yeast flavours you might like.

  • Urbanaut - Lime Sherbert Sour   3.8%

    This is a desert island wishlist beer - a cool, refreshing sour ale loaded with ZING, ZAP and ZEST! This beer has a huge citrus bite with fresh-cut lime, lemon and tropical aromas from the Motueka hops.

  • Black Sands -Corrido Mango,Chilli and Lime Sour   3.7%

    This is the best sour, it's perfect.
    Nice acidity, awesome mango intensity, fresh zing of lime, just enough birds eye to keep you interested.

    Going to sell out.

  • Black Sands - Latest Squeeze Feijoa Hazy IPA   6.5%

    This awesome fruit beer has plenty of Feijoa going on, complemented by just the right amount of hops and alcohol.

  • Mandrake -Reject Apple Cider   4%

    Made with ale yeast and bargin bin apples from Fruit world.

    yeasty, applely, bone dry.

  • Urbanaut - Mesa Verde Hazy IPA   6.3%

    Blast off into cascading tropical aromatics of apricot, mango, lime, lemon and chilled white wine with this smooth hazy IPA that has been stacked with oats and wheat then hopped into delicious oblivion with Rakau, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops from Southland’s very own Garston Hops.

  • Black Sands -Puff Puff Pass WCIPA   6.5%

    Harking back to 2015 style IPA's this beer has dankousity, medium malt and clean hop bite.
    It's great.

  • Urbanaut- Passionfruit and Lime Hazy IPA   5.7%

    Not sure if these flavours will work? We think they do, but best thing is to get off your screen time and come taste it.

  • Kereru - Saddle Up Red IPA   5.1%

    Hop forward and generous with the specialty malts, this sessionable red IPA is a satisfying and tasty mid weight option.

  • Urbanaut - Fresh Hop Riwaka Pilsner   6%

    Absolutely delicious and clean Pils that has extra dank factor of fresh hop Riwaka.

  • Urbanaut -Brazzaville Oatmeal Stout   6%

    Lovely dry stout with plenty of roasted malt, dark coffee and chocolate flavours. Not too thick and easy to drink by the fireside.

  • Bach Brewing - Sofa King Hazy IPA   6.5%

    If you like your hazies thick, soft and hoppy, this is the one for you. Zythos, Ahhhroma, Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe hops all work together to make your seat comfortable.

  • Behemoth - Saturation of Citra WCIPA   6.9%

    This clean and dry WCIPA has loads of citrusy good times†.

  • Behemoth - That Hop Juice-Hazy Double IPA   8.5%

    Its big , its bold, its very easy to drink . CHOCKA with Mosaic, Citra, Motueka and Hort 4337