Keg beer is unpasteurised and cool chained from the brewery, creates no waste in packaging and saves you money.

There is a minimum pour of 1000ml, will fill your own vessel or supply (10$ deposit) returnable glass bottles.

The Coaster and Mandrake beers are our own.

Hopscotch will keep this list current, all you need to do is rinse your bottle, and make some decisions... tasters are free!

  • Black Sands I.P.A   6.3%

    This is a totally new recipe, bringing the beer into 2023.
    Light and dry malt base with clean crisp bite from Southern Cross, fruity hops from Simcoe and Idaho 7.

  • Black Sands Single hop Pilsener   5.2%

    Black Sands is fresh out of West Auckland. Their Motueka hop based Pils is super fresh and clean, in an old world kind of way..but a bit more punchy.

  • Bach Brewing -Velvet Marley -Chocolate Raspberry Cherry Stout   6.6%

    Velvet Marley is brewed with rich and dark malts and South American Cacao, plus plenty of cherries and raspberries. Imagine that.

  • Urbanaut- Copacabana Brut IPA   7.1%

    This style became popular in California in 2017, fermented out to higher level than most ales. Dry, crisp and delicious.

  • Bach Brewing - Supajuice Hazy IPA   6.2%

    The first hazy to come out of the Steam Brewery, and it is a cracker. Experimental hop 4337(now Nectaron), Galaxy, Riwaka, Mosaic and Ella hops. Clean but murky, soft but bitter...

  • Black Sands - Lager   4.8%

    This clean crisp lager refreshes and lingers with a smooth European style malt finish.

  • Urbanaut- Hermosa Pineapple Brut NEIPA   6.3%

    The best fruit hazy outa Urbanaut, plenty of clean happiness, subtle and well integrated Pineapple.

  • Mandrake - Double Date Imperial Stout   8%

    An extra stainless vessel allowed huge amounts of oats to be incorporated into this beer, roast barley, chocolate malt and plenty of dates. Its strong, intense, and dry.

  • Imperial Dick- Superhot Imperial Stout   8%

    A massive thick stout brewed with dates, bhut jolokie chillies and loads of oatmeal.

  • Urbanaut- Peach Bellini Hazy IPA   5.8%

    Lighter than most hazes and amazingly floral, this is a true summer beer, available in winter.

  • Black Sands -Hazzy Hunter Oat Cream IPA   6%

    Loads of haze, loads of stone fruit.

  • Monkeys In My Brain-Brut Double IPA   8.2

    An unusual creature, thats for sure… bone dry, boozy and piney, with notes of stonefruit. Super easy to drink, and get the monkeys in there.

  • Urbanaut- Diamond Head Hazy IPA   5.8%

    Coming in at the sweet spot for summer drinking, this awesome fruit salad of a hazy has light malt, loads of oats and all NZ hops.

  • Phat House Brewing- South Bronx APA   4.7%

    Modern dry style APA with clean bitterness from a brew pub Haruru.

  • Phat House Brewing- Phat Ale   5.2%

    Bit of an old school style of NZ pale ale with friendly hopping and a wafting pillow of malt.

  • Black Sands - Lil Hazy Bro!   4.2%

    The ‘Lil Hazy Bro’ is a little fella with a big character! A sessionable and balanced Hazy Pale Ale at 4.2% for all the responsible big buddies out there, but he packs a big and bright punch. This beer is crisp and refreshing, and the juicy pineapple and lemon citrus notes are propped up against a restrained piney bitterness.

  • Phat House -Phat Heph the Hefeweizen   4.7%

    A rare beer that people miss, probably a problem for breweries due to Hefeweizen yeast being so angry and hard to keep out of other styles. Anyway this one has all those fruity yeast flavours you might like.

  • Urbanaut- Santiago WCIPA   6.3%

    Citrus, pine and tropical fruit with a light floral breeze from the Centennial Cryo hops and Citra Cryo extract, fairly dry, got some bitter bite, it's refreshing.Its clear, its a beer that doesn't look like a fruit smoothie.!

  • Urbanaut - Lime Sherbert Sour   3.8%

    This is a desert island wishlist beer - a cool, refreshing sour ale loaded with ZING, ZAP and ZEST! This beer has a huge citrus bite with fresh-cut lime, lemon and tropical aromas from the Motueka hops.

  • Bach brewing - Hop Goblin WCIPA   6.6%

    Brewed with legendary West Coast USA hops including Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo and Columbus, all nestled on a soft cushion of Gladfield malt.
    Instant classic.

  • Black Sands -Corrido Mango,Chilli and Lime Sour   3.7%

    This is the best sour, it's perfect.
    Nice acidity, awesome mango intensity, fresh zing of lime, just enough birds eye to keep you interested.

    Going to sell out.

  • Mandrake -Hefe-Mellons   4.5%

    People were sad Mellons wasn't funky like a German wheat so I infected some Mellons with German Banana Yeast.

    Its actually pretty nice.